Saturday, 16 January 2016

How to Make A Poncho From Knitted Squares

My elderly mother rediscovered knitting a few weeks ago. She used to love to knit but has suffered from poor eyesight and short term memory problems in the last few years, so she is now restricted to knitting squares, or rectangles as she can no longer follow a pattern. 
These can turn out very random in size and consistency. I have been buying her multi dyed wool to make it more interesting for her and was amazed when I found that she had knitted hundred of "squares" in the space of a few weeks.

They looked so amazing that I wanted to find a good use for them and after looking online I found an idea for a poncho, which was basically 2 rectangles sewn together. I thought that from the assortment of shapes and sizes it might be possible to make one.
We were taking my mother away for a two week vacation, and I included packing the squares, matching balls of wool, knitting and sewing needles into the car. In the space of a few days we jointly put together this poncho, it was a real team effort and it was lovely to be able to make something between us.

The result was better than I imagined, to read how to make your own poncho click on this link Poncho Instructions

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